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These messages are correctly translated into the given locale.

Locale Domain Times used Message ID Message Preview
en-GB messages 1 account.registerTitle Sign up
en-GB messages 1 general.noscriptNotice To be able to use the full range of Shopware 6, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser.
en-GB messages 2 header.logoLink Go to homepage
en-GB messages 2 general.menuLink Menu
en-GB messages 2 header.searchPlaceholder Search all categories...
en-GB messages 2 header.searchButton Search
en-GB messages 3 account.myAccount My account
en-GB messages 2 general.offcanvasCloseMenu Close menu
en-GB messages 3 account.loginSubmit Login
en-GB messages 1 account.orRegister or
en-GB messages 2 account.orRegisterLink sign up
en-GB messages 2 account.overviewLink Overview
en-GB messages 2 account.profileLink Your profile
en-GB messages 2 account.addressLink Addresses
en-GB messages 2 account.paymentLink Payment methods
en-GB messages 2 account.ordersLink Orders
en-GB messages 2 checkout.cartTitle Shopping cart
en-GB messages 1 *
en-GB messages 1 general.homeLink Home
en-GB messages 1 general.toCategory Show all
en-GB messages 1 general.categories Categories
en-GB messages 1 account.loginHeader I'm a customer already
en-GB messages 1 account.loginFormDescription Log in with email address and password
en-GB messages 1 account.loginMailLabel Your email address
en-GB messages 1 account.loginMailPlaceholder Email address
en-GB messages 1 account.loginPasswordLabel Your password
en-GB messages 1 account.loginPasswordPlaceholder Password
en-GB messages 1 account.loginPasswordRecover I have forgotten my password.
en-GB messages 1 account.registerAdvantagesHeader Login advantages:
en-GB messages 1 account.registerAdvantage1 Express shopping
en-GB messages 1 account.registerAdvantage2 Save your data and settings
en-GB messages 1 account.registerAdvantage3 Order overview and shipping information
en-GB messages 1 account.registerAdvantage4 Manage your newsletter subscription
en-GB messages 1 account.registerPersonalHeader I'm a new customer
en-GB messages 2 account.personalSalutationLabel Salutation
en-GB messages 20 general.required *
en-GB messages 2 account.personalSalutationPlaceholder Enter salutation...
en-GB messages 2 account.personalFirstNameLabel First name
en-GB messages 2 account.personalFirstNamePlaceholder Enter first name...
en-GB messages 2 account.personalLastNameLabel Last name
en-GB messages 2 account.personalLastNamePlaceholder Enter last name...
en-GB messages 1 account.personalMailLabel New email address
en-GB messages 1 account.personalMailPlaceholder Enter new email address...
en-GB messages 1 account.personalMailConfirmationLabel Email confirmation
en-GB messages 1 account.personalMailConfirmationPlaceholder Please enter your email address once again...
en-GB messages 1 account.personalMailConfirmationInvalidMessage Email addresses do not match.
en-GB messages 1 account.personalPasswordLabel Password
en-GB messages 1 account.personalPasswordPlaceholder Enter password...
en-GB messages 2 account.personalPasswordDescription Passwords must have a minimum length of 8 characters.
en-GB messages 1 account.personalPasswordConfirmationLabel Password confirmation
en-GB messages 1 account.personalPasswordConfirmationPlaceholder Please enter your password once again...
en-GB messages 1 account.personalPasswordConfirmationInvalidMessage The passwords you have entered do not match.
en-GB messages 1 account.registerAddressBillingHeader Your address
en-GB messages 2 address.streetLabel Street address
en-GB messages 2 address.streetPlaceholder Enter street address...
en-GB messages 2 address.zipcodeLabel Postal code
en-GB messages 2 address.zipcodePlaceholder Enter postal code...
en-GB messages 2 address.cityLabel City
en-GB messages 2 address.cityPlaceholder Enter city...
en-GB messages 2 address.countryLabel Country
en-GB messages 2 address.countryPlaceholder Select country...
en-GB messages 2 address.countryStateLabel State
en-GB messages 2 address.countryStatePlaceholder Select state...
en-GB messages 1 account.registerDifferentShipping Shipping and billing address do not match.
en-GB messages 1 account.registerAddressShippingHeader Alternative shipping address
en-GB messages 1 address.companyNameLabel Company
en-GB messages 1 address.companyNamePlaceholder Enter company...
en-GB messages 1 address.companyDepartmentLabel Department
en-GB messages 1 address.companyDepartmentPlaceholder Enter department...
en-GB messages 1 general.privacyTitle Privacy
en-GB messages 1 general.privacyNotice By selecting continue you confirm that you have read our <a data-toggle="modal" data-url="/widgets/cms/bf4ad93074744d06bc3ffa3f950565ad" href="/widgets/cms/bf4ad93074744d06bc3ffa3f950565ad" title="Data protection information">data protection information</a> and accepted our <a data-toggle="modal" data-url="/widgets/cms/51cc6e24be0f4e499e2d4afeff722fcb" href="/widgets/cms/51cc6e24be0f4e499e2d4afeff722fcb" title="general terms and conditions">general terms and conditions</a>.
en-GB messages 1 general.requiredFields Fields marked with asterisks (*) are required.
en-GB messages 1 account.registerSubmit Continue
en-GB messages 1 footer.serviceHotlineHeadline Service hotline
en-GB messages 1 footer.serviceHotline Support and counselling via: <a href="tel:+49180000000">0180 - 000000</a> Mon-Fri, 9 am - 5 pm
en-GB messages 1 footer.serviceContactLink Or via our <a data-toggle="modal" data-url="/widgets/cms/d0c13cc0868546048e1351eec72893bf" href="/widgets/cms/d0c13cc0868546048e1351eec72893bf" title="contact form">contact form</a>.
en-GB messages 1 footer.includeVat * All prices incl. VAT plus <a data-toggle="modal" href="/widgets/cms/48139331081d45089008f38ad8220103" data-url="/widgets/cms/48139331081d45089008f38ad8220103">shipping costs</a> and possible delivery charges, if not stated otherwise.
en-GB messages 1 footer.copyrightInfo Realised with Shopware
en-GB messages 1 cookie.message This website uses cookies to ensure the best experience possible. <a data-toggle="modal" data-url="/widgets/cms/bf4ad93074744d06bc3ffa3f950565ad" href="/widgets/cms/bf4ad93074744d06bc3ffa3f950565ad" title="More information">More information...</a>
en-GB messages 1 cookie.deny Deny
en-GB messages 1 cookie.configure Configure

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These messages are not available for the given locale but Symfony found them in the fallback locale catalog.

No fallback translation messages were used.

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These messages are not available for the given locale and cannot be found in the fallback locales. Add them to the translation catalogue to avoid Symfony outputting untranslated contents.

There are no messages of this category.